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Welcome To My Newsletter!

Happy News and all that Jazz, blah blah blah. If you have made it this far into my world, you are probably experienced with my insane level of zany energy and my ADHD gone wild personality… Squirrel!

Good news. I have a new release available. Now introducing,

Little People Big D

Size only matters when it comes to heart in Destiny, Texas!

Cover for Cris Burl's new book "Little People Big D"

Welcome to Destiny, a small town just outside of Austin, Texas. This peaceful community is the perfect place for small business owner Stella Kaida to set up her bake shop. Business is booming, she’s made new friends, and nothing can bring her down.

Jake is the Deputy Sherriff of Destiny, Texas and takes his duties to the law seriously. Nobody gets away with breaking the law in his town. As the only Little Person in town, and the homegrown hero of Destiny, the townspeople give a lot of deference to Jake and his badge.

Except for one person. Stella Kaida. She refuses to show him respect, and he won't see her as anything other than another constituent of his town.

Will they ever overlook each other’s differences and go after their hearts’ desires?

Find out in this epic enemies to lovers novella... oh, did I mention the dragons?

This beautiful and masterful storytelling filled with quips, snark, and my usual smart ass-holiness will be available at the end of this month.

Upcoming Events

If you have not signed up for my next two events, you can do that here. I am branching out this year and going to make my first appearance in Kansas City, MO February 18th 2023 at the Flirty In Kansas City event. What the hell were they thinking inviting me? There may be a few regrets along with a LOT of wine. General admission is free, but VIP is always better.

And now because I thought it would be a superb idea to overload myself with life and travel, I’ll be visiting my hometown, Houston, the weekend directly after at All The Books, February 25th 2023.

Kids are free but I’m not sure you want to bring your innocent children around my foul mouth antics. I do have plenty of candy, just in case. And coffee.. Oh and maybe some shots, but that’s for the adults. I’m not a complete Heathen.

Check Out This New Release From My Friend E.S. McMillan

Need to get away? Take a trip to the sweet little town of Allenville, South Carolina and get lost in the lives of the residents. ❤️💜

🎉🎉🎉Available Now in Ebook, Paperback & Kindle Unlimited 🎉🎉🎉

The Allenville Shops

E.S. McMillan

Cover Designer: Whiskers & Whimsy Designs

Cover for E. S. McMillan for The Allenville Shops.

Grab your wallet, your walking shoes and take a trip to the some of the shops of Allenville, South Carolina. A simple little town filled with love, laughter and hugs.

Follow along with this collection of novellas that will warm your heart and show you that there is sunshine after the rain.


An Old Fashioned Love Story

Tessa’s First Glass Beads

Cherry Cola Dreams &

A Spotted Situation

A Note from EVILyn Reigns...

EVILyn Reigns here. Cris has left the building. We have a few surprises up our sleeve this year. Less comedy and a little bit more blood. I’m currently working on a novella for Authors in the Haunted City, coming this fall to Wilmington NC. My horror story, Loving Lies Burning Bones will be featured in the event anthology called, What Lies in Darkness.

I also have a few more tricks up my sleeve. So stay tuned and step carefully. You never know who will be in charge when you meet us.

Whoa. What happened? I blanked out there for a second. I am excited where this year is going to go and I look forward to chatting with everyone I meet or whoever comes along my newsletter. Until then, have a great January and I will update you all again next month.

Cris B.

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