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Come Get Flirty

It’s the month of love! Yuck. Valentines' sucks! It’s not like I’m single and hating the hallmark holiday. I’m happily married, but I’ve never celebrated the holiday named after a saint that died in a massacre. Blah Blah… I have dick pops!

I have a signing this weekend. I hope to see you there! I’ve been mentioning this signing for a while so no excuses. Get your booties to Kansas City!

General admission is free, but VIP is better. But tickets are running out so come on out and meet some great authors. Mention this email and I’ll give you a good dicking. Wink wink

Valentine’s is around the corner so get the person you can’t stand a fun gift…

Check out these mugs and my books on my order form.

Prices include shipping, books come signed and everything is shipped with fun swag.

I have a new release coming March 16th. Kara’s song

I am looking for Arc Readers. If you are interested, sign up at

Life without Her has become mundane. It's as if the colors of our world have faded to a dull hue. Without her lighting up my life, I'm thrown into a pitch of blackness, darkening my existence.

I feel as if I'm standing on this precipice of inner turmoil. On one side are demons, filling my head with negative emotions, their thoughts fluttering in my brain, bats scattering in the darkening night searching for their next meal, my happiness, my soul.

On the other side of my precipice is her. Standing beautiful in a ray of light, waiting for me to step off the ledge into her outstretched arms. Her sun warms my face. Her smile weakens my resolve. With only one step forward, I can be where I belong, with her in my life again. With one step back, I lose her sunshine and I'm pitched into the bleak night once more as she fades from my memories. I'm frozen in place, unsure of my decision. Both sides devour at my soul, but I'm scared to make that jump. So I stay unmoving.

For now

March is coming up on us fast! I am driving to Arlington, TX for the Homerun Author Event. 

It’s going to be an out of the park kind of event! VIP is still available so grab those tickets. Mention this newsletter and I’ll give you a good dicking! Lol Okay, someone take away my wine.

They’re trying to take away my computer. I guess I went a little too far this time so I’m hoping to see you at any of my next events. Keep up to date with my travels book news and events.

Until the next time I see you… Ciao

Other Authors to check out.


Psychological Serial Killer Thriller

Final Track by Julie Hiner

A hallucination plagued detective teams up with a criminal profiler in the wild underground of heavy metal to hunt a serial killer carving lyrics into the flesh of his victims.

The year is 1987. Hair is big. Rock ’n’ roll is hard.

When a body with a glam-rock makeover is discovered, a detective haunted by a dark past must embrace new investigative techniques.

A serial killer leaves a trail of carnage without a trace.

A detective is trapped in the wild underground of heavy metal…

Closer to the killer than he knows…

Will he be the hunter or the prey?


Se7en meets Guns N' Roses meets Red Dragon meets Mötley Crüe

2022 Finalist Kindle Book Awards Horror/Suspense

Looking for a steamy read check out these books.

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