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Dry Roses and Diary

My Books

Musings of a Deranged Mom: Collective Shit

Parenting; How hard could it be? It turns out that it's not the cakewalk that many believe it is.


River In The Waves

Sisters, Harlie and River, must pick up the pieces after their parents suddenly die. More than roommates, they are the best of friends. Living is hard but for them, lightning doesn’t strike twice, right?


Little People Big D

Size only matters when it comes to heart in Destiny, Texas! This peaceful community is the perfect place for small business owner Stella Kaida to set up her bake shop. Business is booming, she's made new friends, and nothing can bring her down.

little people big d FINAL.jpg

The Gem Collector

(writing as EVILyn Reigns)


Thinking she left her past behind her, Sapphire begins to let down her guard and live her best life.


What she doesn't know is her past has caught up with her.


Hill Country Desires

Following your desire can be an uphill battle. But the ride down the other side is exhilarating.


Welcome to Fredericksburg, Texas. This beautiful hill country landscape is home to vineyards, beautiful scenery, and small-town charm. It's also home to four strong women, Molly, Julie, Cilla, and Chloe.


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Signed Books and Swag

Cris Burl/ EVILyn Reigns Order Form 2024

Signed books available for purchase. Price includes swag and shipping. 


Fostering Hope: A Sultry In The City Anthology

Foster care in America is a way of life for many people, but there is a happily ever after. This Anthology is about the happily ever after.


Christmas With The Sea

Amanda has lived her entire life in denial of who she really is. Born into a family of witches, she refuses to accept her destiny. Alton was a merman that came to the shores of Galveston when he heard a witch’s most carnal desires. Following an unforgettable weekend, Hepsaba curses him into a Christmas ornament, forever to stay in her life.


Abnormal Carnage

(writing as EVILyn Reigns)


In a society full of the entitled, there lies a person who demands revenge for perceived wrongdoings...


Little Black Book

(writing as EVILyn Reigns)

You get what you pay for... Escaping her past wasn't easy, but Kat's a survivor. Beautiful, wealthy, and smart, life can't get any better. Or worse...


Scandals, intrigue, and a murderer are waiting in the dark for Kat, and it's more than she bargained for...


Kara's Song

My memories of Kara are becoming hazy, like a dream that I woke up from and quite can’t remember. Life without her has become mundane. It’s as if the colors of our world have faded to a dull hue. Without her lighting up my life, I’m thrown into a pitch of blackness, darkening my existence.


Kara's Song.jpg

Daddy's Little Helpers 

Revenge will come when least expected, icy, cold, and with a smile.

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