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Dry Roses and Diary

My Books

Musings of a Deranged Mom

The book that started it all!  

Parenting is the hardest job to perform. There's no pay, you have to keep the little rugrats alive, and there's no quitting...

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Musings of a Deranged Mom: Drunk Moms Tell Tall Tales

My toddler has turned 3, my teenager is a dramatic hot mess of psycho, and the only way I'm getting any breaks during this turmoil is by going back to work...


Grooming Her Desire: Hill Country Desires Series

Molly had the worst happen. She lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. Drowning in her grief, she's alienated all her friends and secluded herself on her husband's horse ranch. Until fate, better known as her infuriating pops, sent a horse groomer to help her out...


Riding Her Desire: Hill Country Desires Series

Pricilla escapes her abusive father and finds herself moving past traumatic memories. She has a job she enjoys and a ride-or-die best friend. After years of nightmares about her father she finally believes that she can move on with her life. Until one day her past and present collide bringing with it all the drama that she left behind...


River In The Waves

Sisters, Harlie and River, must pick up the pieces after their parents suddenly die. More than roommates, they are the best of friends. Living is hard but for them, lightning doesn’t strike twice, right?


Little People Big D

Size only matters when it comes to heart in Destiny, Texas! This peaceful community is the perfect place for small business owner Stella Kaida to set up her bake shop. Business is booming, she's made new friends, and nothing can bring her down.

little people big d FINAL.jpg

Little Black Book

(writing as EVILyn Reigns)

You get what you pay for... Escaping her past wasn't easy, but Kat's a survivor. Beautiful, wealthy, and smart, life can't get any better. Or worse...


Scandals, intrigue, and a murderer are waiting in the dark for Kat, and it's more than she bargained for...


Musings of a Deranged Mom: Toilet Troubles

Here we go again. As I dive into the teen years with my daughter and the fun three’s with my son, I’ve come into a whole new territory of parenting...


Musings of a Deranged Mom: Hotmess Express

Life as a mom ain’t easy. Whether you have one child or ten children, parenting is not a walk in the park. Welcome to my world...


Finding Her Desire: Hill Country Desires Series

Julie is a beautiful, small-town girl that has found herself divorced with a baby to raise alone. She has had to work multiple jobs in order to care for herself and her new baby...


Sharing Her Desire: Hill Country Desires Series

After the devasting loss of both parents, Chloe found refuge with a foster family. Their love and devotion gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams
Like a butterfly out of her cocoon, Ryker watched Chloe form into a beautiful, young woman. She would love him forever as long as he would never break her heart.


Christmas With The Sea

Amanda has lived her entire life in denial of who she really is. Born into a family of witches, she refuses to accept her destiny. Alton was a merman that came to the shores of Galveston when he heard a witch’s most carnal desires. Following an unforgettable weekend, Hepsaba curses him into a Christmas ornament, forever to stay in her life.


Abnormal Carnage

(writing as EVILyn Reigns)


In a society full of the entitled, there lies a person who demands revenge for perceived wrongdoings...


Fostering Hope: A Sultry In The City Anthology

Foster care in America is a way of life for many people, but there is a happily ever after. This Anthology is about the happily ever after.

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