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November Newsletter

Happy November,

I’m a little bit sad at the loss of Halloween. When else can I act like my crazy self

and I’m able to blame the holiday instead of my own personal demons. Ummm,

never. That’s okay. I’m going to blame the turkey for my crazy antics as we come

screaming up to Thanksgiving.

My next upcomin g event is Committed at the Stanley Hotel. Get your tickets here:

General admission is free but VIP is always better. I hope they put me in a padded

room. Oh, and the next time I wear a straight jacket, there better be a hot doctor

guy experimenting on me.

Christmas is coming… Yuck! Just slap my ass and call me scrooge because it’s not

my favorite holiday. But of course, I gotta be jolly. I decided to something a little

fun for all my other anti-Christmas fiends. I’m making UnChristmas boxes. I will

close out my orders on Dec 1 st . Just fill out your name, email, mailing address and

which book you want. Please don’t open the box in front of the children or the

hubby. These will definitely not be pg. Remember how crazy I am and multiply

that! To get your very own Christmas box visit,

Speaking of Christmas, I’ll be heading back to Canton for the East Texas Book

Bash. And there’s wine. WINE!

I will not be sober and I’ll probably be the Oprah of dicks. “You get a dick! You get

a dick! Everybody gets a dick!”

Get your tickets for this epic event at

I’m hard at work at my next EVILyn piece but if you’re looking for something to

read in the meantime, check out these great authors.

Mariah Kingsley’s newest book, Never Broken

We all paint this picture of what we envision our lives to be. One day you will

marry the man of your dreams. Have a family and live happily ever after. That was

my dream, and one bullet changed it all. Now I am a single mother in shambles

with two small children to raise alone…

He was once my enemy. A man that took the woman I loved, and I hated him.

Time went by life happened and he became my brother, a man that I would kill

for. Now he is gone, and I never saw it coming. I made a promise to stand up and

be there for his family, be there for the woman he loved, the only woman I have

ever loved.

A family comes together to pick up the pieces, the road is dark and uphill, but

together they face each day with the hope that tomorrow will be better. Along

the way they learn bent isn’t broken, and love can mend a broken heart.


Finley Brown’s new release, Villainous Mind

A villain’s love is dangerous.

It’s dark, sinister, and full of demons.

And I craved it.

I owe no one my loyalty.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to advance my career as a journalist.

Even if I’m thought of as cold-hearted.

So when a lead to a story comes my way in an unsolved case involving two

missing girls, I jump at the opportunity to take it.

Little did I know it would get me captured.

Now, I’m forced into the arms of reclusive billionaire Rhys Hughes, who is just as

heartless as me.

He promises to break me.

One painful piece at a time.

First, my body.

Then, my mind.

And lastly, my heart.

Only it’s not just him I have to worry about.

It’s the monster that dwells inside him.

The monster who claimed me as his own.


I hope to see some of you at some of my next few events. Oh, and if you happen

to mention my newsletter to me, I’ll have a special gift just for you.

P.S. It’s not a Dick.

P.S.S. Yes, it is.



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