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Little Black Book Is Here!

Why hello my dear readers. It’s meeeee, EVILyn Reigns. I have locked up that neurotic, talkative ADHD author (Cris Burl) and I have completely taken over. I even have a new release! Little Black Book is out and you must grab your copy today. But only if you’re brave. And only if you don’t have any severe triggers. Oh and only if you like sleeping with the lights on. Oh and… Never mind, just grab it and read it.

This stupid Cris chick is trying to break out of the box. No worries, I’m sitting on her and I am still in complete control… For now. Come April, I will be in East Texas at Tyler Junior college for the East Texas Book Fest: A Celebration of Library Love. Free of charge to get in and there are food trucks, vendors, and fun games. I promise to be my usual naughty self but there are supposed to be children present. I don’t promise not to be on my best behavior and I will bring lots of candy for all the little gremlins. I hear the more sweets they eat, the sweeter they act. Right?

I am also climbing into my suburban with some other crazy authors and we are driving from Texas to Ann Arbor Michigan for some fun shenanigans at Dreaming Dirty in Michigan. If you haven’t planned your outings yet, now is the time. You can grab your tickets here,

After you have finished my Little Black Book, check out some more great authors. My buddy, Mariah Kingsley has a new release that you should check out.

Love of a Reaper

Being in the funeral business is a hard job. But the gift of talking to souls before they crossover is a blessing that I cherish. I have seen the man who takes souls to the next realm but I never have the courage to speak to him. Until one day, I do. I have met many men in her long life, but none like Anubis. Not only is he handsome, he is everything that she could ever wish to have.

Being the God of death has some drawbacks, but meeting the beautiful Celeste isn't one of them. For as long as I can remember I have been searching for something real, and I think I have found it. I want to give her everything this world has to offer, and every part of me. No matter what tomorrow holds, I know I will be holding her. To death do us part, and since I am death there is no parting.

Make sure to grab your copy here and if you leave a review, Mariah won't send that pesky reaper or god, Anubis, after you!

Well, if you have voluntarily signed up for my newsletter, I wanted to play a fun game. For a chance to win a free copy of my new release, share this newsletter on your Facebook page and tag me. I will have the wheel of death pick the winners before April 1st. Mwa ha ha ha!

Until later my dear Evil followers, make sure you color outside the lines and create mayhem everywhere you go. You never know when I might be watching you, waiting for my next creative rampage!


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