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It's Gonna Be A Busy Month...

Brrr. Is anyone else sick of this winter already? What I wouldn’t give for a pina colada while I watch the hot daddies play shirtless on the beach. Oh well, back to real life.

Musing of a Deranged Mom: Collective Shit

I have some exciting news for all my Musings lovers. I have compiled the entire MOADM collection into one book for your convenience, complete with a new cover. I did this for both of us. Okay, mostly for me. Introducing Musings of a Deranged Mom: Collective Shit. Coming wide to a retailer near you.

Yuck, I sound like an infomercial.

Flirty In Kansas City

I am packing my bags because I’m flying to Kansas City, MO Feb 18th. I am planning lots of mayhem and trouble. You do not want to miss this Hot Mess! Get your VIP tickets here. General admission is free, but VIP is always better.

All The Books

Houstonians, don’t feel bad. I’m coming back home to visit on Feb 25 at All The Books. They told me that I have to be on my best behavior so of course, I will be even louder than usual. Nobody puts this baby in a corner. (Except they always put me in the corner). Get your tickets and come visit me in my naughty corner.

EVILyn Reigns

Oh my Gawd, I didn’t think that erratic squirrel would ever shut up. She won’t even let me out to play. What a shame. I could create so much pandemonium if Cris would only let me out. Accidentally get stabby one time and all of a sudden, I have a rep.

I too have been busy. I have a new release coming this month. Little Black Book is my next suspenseful horror story that will surely have you hiding under the covers and sleeping with the light on. Don’t forget to tuck those feet too. Who knows what might be under your bed? It could be me. Mwa ha ha ha.

Little Black Book will hit online retailers at the end of February.

Little Black Book

You get what you pay for…

Escaping her past wasn't easy, but Kat's a survivor. Beautiful, wealthy, and smart, life can't get any better.

Or worse…

When her best friend turns up dead, Kat is called to retrieve her personal effects. Among them, she discovers a journal with detailed descriptions of the secret life that got her killed.

Compelled to avenge her friend, Kat vows to unmask the killer even if she has to do it one “John” at a time.

Scandals, intrigue, and a murderer are waiting in the dark for Kat, and it's more than she bargained for...

Come dive into the twisted mind of EVILyn Reigns as you get lost in Little Black Book.

Until then, check out these awesome authors.

ARC Opportunity Available!

Are you looking to join a fun ARC team? Ember-Raine Winters has a new series coming out and she's looking for ARC readers. Zeus' Spark, Book 1 of the Halfling Academy, will be coming out March 23, 2023, and is available for free for review on Booksprout.

Welcome to Halfling Academy, where the Greek Gods are real, and danger lurks around every corner.

Students at Halfling Academy are going missing, and with each passing day, the wards around the school are failing.

The monsters of myth are on the attack, and even Zeus’ daughter, Beth, is helpless to stop it.

So when the oracle names Beth the champion who will save the school, she and her friends all fear their eagerness to do whatever it takes won't be enough.

But for Beth, bravery isn’t the only thing this quest will require. It will require that she trust the boy who once betrayed her heart: Jayden.

Whoever is bringing the monsters back doesn’t just want to destroy the academy, though. They have plans. Plans to overthrow the king of the gods and devastate the entire world.

Fans of Zodiac Academy and Half-blood Academy will love this fast-paced Urban Fantasy academy romance.

Plump Jane by Sevannah Storm

Plump Jane - Plump Playwright #1

Eccentric romance author Jane guards her heart behind her plump ass until she meets fitness guru, Max. With her book tour looming, she embarks on a ‘toning’ regime. But for Max, there’s just something lovable about Jane.

That's it for this month. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff in March!

Cris B.

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