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Hello October


I would introduce myself but unless this is your first foray into my

completely demented mind, then there’s no need to waste all my


Okay, I’ll introduce myself again. Squirrel!

Where was I? Oh yeah, this is Cris, climbing into your emails to annoy

you on what you thought would be a normal day. Newsflash: any day

that I am visiting your email will be far from a normal day!

I have a new release! Hill Country Desires is a new book released in

September. Or was it October. What year is this?

It is available wide and you can find it on ebook here:

Unfortunately, Amazon says I don’t exist and refused to publish my

eBook through a third party. So, while I battle the Bezos in an epic

combat of computer wittiness, hold on to your butts because it will be

available shortly. Because I am awesome and no mega billionaire with

the world at his fingertips can take out little ole me.

Until then, enjoy my other alter ego’s new book, The Gem Collector.

Bezos didn’t want to mess with EVILyn since she is a little crazy. ( I say

this as I twirl my finger around my temple)

Seriously, she scares me just a bit. Okay a lot.


So there is a lot of happenings going on around my neck of the woods. I

signed up for a fun book fair

It goes on for just a few more days, so grab you some fun books while

you can! Oh and I found the most delicious naughty Christmas cards so

if you want to sign up for one of these horrible disgusting Christmas

cards, here is that QR code:

I am also crawling back into my Suburban for a fun time in Graceland.

General Admission is free so come visit me and join in my shenanigans

as I find inventive ways to get kicked out of Memphis!

Oh and I’ve had several people reach out to me. If you want a signed

book, swag, or any other fun things that I have at my events but you are

unable to make it, I ship! So visit my order form.

No excuses and you might be surprised at your order. Hell, who

knows, it might be me or EVILyn crawling out of the box!

Until I see you again, Ciao and always think, “What would Cris do.” But

always make sure you have a lawyer before you implement any of my


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