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Happy September!

We’re getting closer to the spooky season. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. The scary stories that are growing in my head would scare the most seasoned psychiatrist!

I have a new release! The Gem Collector just released this month and is ready for you to download.

Forgetting her past isn't as simple as she thought...

Sapphire thought she fled from her turbulent childhood in a fiery escape. On the run, injured with nowhere to turn, she finds safety in an old woman's empty nest and an unlikely career on stage.

Thinking she left her past behind her, Sapphire begins to let down her guard and live her best life.

What she doesn't know is her past has caught up with her.

There's a fine line between hate and insanity and it's about to be crossed in EVILyn Reigns' newest thriller...

The Gem Collector

My next event is coming up this month on September 30th. Authors in the Haunted City in Wilmington North Carolina. Get your tickets and come visit me. I have some special goodies for anyone that mentions this newsletter!

Don’t get too cozy. EVILyn is working on a new piece, Loving Lies, Burning Bodies. Keep your eyes peeled, the lights on, and be prepared for the thrills coming your way.

Until we meet again.


Cris B. / EVILyn

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1 Kommentar

Alesha Gendron
Alesha Gendron
04. Sept. 2023

Cant wait to meet you!

Gefällt mir
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