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Little People Big D

Size only matters when it comes to heart in Destiny, Texas!


Welcome to Destiny, a small town just outside of Austin, Texas.


This peaceful community is the perfect place for small business owner Stella Kaida to set up her bake shop. Business is booming, she's made new friends, and nothing can bring her down.


Jake is the Deputy Sherriff of Destiny, Texas and takes his duties to the law seriously. Nobody gets away with breaking the law in his town. As the only Little Person in town, and the homegrown hero of Destiny, the townspeople give a lot of deference to Jake and his badge.


Except for one person. Stella Kaida.


She refuses to show him respect, and he won't see her as anything other than another constituent of his town. 


Will they ever overlook each other's differences and go after their hearts' desires? 


Find out in this epic enemies-to-lovers novella... oh, did I mention the dragons?

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