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Hello! Welcome to my web page. I am Cris and I will be your tour guide as you navigate through my deranged mind. Musings of a Deranged Mom is my first baby in my writing world. During a moment of darkness and depression, I started a journal and that is how my series was born.


However, that wasn't the end of my writing journey. I have so many ideas running rampant through my head. That's when I started down my romance path, Hill Country Desires. But wait... There's more.


An evil little gremlin started perching on my shoulder and talking in my ear. That is when I began my horror journey. You can find my horror stories under the moniker, EVILyn Reins. Have some laughs, shed some tears, and sleep with the lights on, because your journey through my psychosis is only beginning.



Thanks for contacting me! I will reply as soon as possible.

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