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I read a phrase that has stuck with me. “I’m living my best life”. I originally started writing my memoirs as a type of therapy.  I was lonely, depressed, and I felt like I’d lost myself.  My memoir is not a book of parenting advice or even really about my kids.  It’s selected collection of short stories detailing the scenarios I have gotten myself into. 


I started a journal hoping to make myself happier. Within my writing journey, I discovered I’m hilarious. My stories are not made up and in 99% of the situations I found myself in, people have borne witness to the hilarity. In my self-discovery journal, I realized that I am living my best life. Sure, there are days that I rely on The Disney Channel so I can get house work done, but I’m doing the best I can and guess what? The best I can is good enough for us.

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My name is Cris Burl and I am a writer of amusing sentences.

I live outside of Houston, TX with my husband and children, including three fur babies.


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Come see me at one of my signing events. I'd love to meet you and talk books. Or not. Up to you.

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Past Events

Here are some pictures of my previous events. If you weren't there, you missed all the crazy fun!

2019 Bluebonnet Book Bash
2019 Bluebonnet Book Bash
All The Books Author Event 2019
All The Books Author Event 2019
All The Books Author Event 2019
East Texas Book Bash 2019
East Texas Book Bash 2019


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