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Musings of a Deranged Mom: Toliet Trouble

Here we go again. As I dive into the teen years with my daughter and the fun three’s with my son, I’ve come into a whole new territory of parenting. I am now potty training. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to overcome and I’m failing with visions of yellow decorating my walls. How does a mom handle her young daughter crossing into the unfamiliar land of a teenager while battling the near naked toddler to use the $30.00 potty seat that won’t quit singing the Mickey Mouse song? With lots of wine and chocolate of course. I am also finding myself spiraling into a more depressed and angry mind frame as I try to take on more than I can handle with dog rescue, home duties, and dealing with disabilities at home. The question; Is writing my musings enough to help combat my feelings of anxiety and anger or do I need to consider the idea of getting help. I share tons of hilarity with short stories detailing my life raising two kids, potty training, and surviving wine abuse in this installment of Musings of a Deranged Mom; Toilet Troubles.


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